Pamela Wisniewski

Another CHI Best!

CHI Best Paper Award

I just received the great news that my CHI 2016 paper received a Best Paper Award. “This is a prestigious, highly selective award. Of the ~2325 paper submissions, only 23 earned a Best Paper status (less than 1%).” I am highly honored for the second year in a row to receive a CHI Best Paper. A big thanks to my co-authors who were the Co-PIs of the NSF grant that made this research possible.

Dear Diary: Teens Reflect on Their Weekly Online Risk Experiences

Wisniewski, P., Xu, H., Rosson, M.B., Perkins, D.F., and Carroll, J.M.

Abstract: In our study, 68 teens spend two months reflecting on their weekly online experiences and report 207 separate risk events involving information breaches, online harassment, sexual solicitations, and exposure to explicit content. We conduct a structured, qualitative analysis to characterize the salient dimensions of their risk experiences, such as severity, level of agency, coping strategies, and whether the teens felt like the situation had been resolved. Overall, we found that teens can potentially benefit from lower risk online situations, which allow them to develop crucial interpersonal skills, such as boundary setting, conflict resolution, and empathy. We can also use the dimensions of risk described in this paper to identify potentially harmful risk trajectories before they become high-risk situations. Our end goal is to find a way to empower and protect teens so that they can benefit from online engagement.

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