Pamela Wisniewski

Invitation to the Matt Townsend Show

Matt Townsend BYU Radio

In 2015, I was invited to speak with Matt Townsend regarding my research on building teen resilience to online risks. Today, we spoke about my new research on family communication regarding online risks and mobile apps for promoting adolescent online safety.

In our interview, Matt reminded me that I needed to update my website. 😉 So, here I am providing a link to at least some of the resources we discussed during the interview for those who might visit. Also, here is a link to the podcast from  BYU Radio.

Some useful Resources:

  • The Family Online Safety Institute has a lot of great resources on promoting a safer internet for all.
  • Common Sense Media is another great resource.
  • Rakkoon is an app developed by one of my collaborators for helping teens use social media more responsibly.
  • Xooloo Digital Coach has created another app to help teens more effectively manage their digital habits.
  • Here is the app I mentioned that was created by a 15-year-old girl: ReThink before the damage is done.

I am always looking to forge new research collaborations with other academic researchers, as well as industry partners, who are equally dedicated to helping teens engage safely with others online. If you are interested in collaborations, you can contact me at

Thanks, Matt, for having me on your show again.


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