Pamela Wisniewski

Tenure-Track Job Search

No Rest for the Weary

This has been an especially busy semester for me — adjusting to life with a new baby, finishing up my post doctoral research, and interviewing for tenure-track faculty positions.  So far, I have been invited to seven on-site interviews and have had many other Skype/phone interviews.  I am thankful that my portfolio and accomplishments have generated so much interest at a wide variety of different, quality universities. And, I am excited to figure out in the next couple of months which of these universities will be where I start my long-term academic career.

While most of the departments request that I give a research job talk, a few have also requested that I give a teaching demonstration. Recently, I Googled myself, and I found a student blog post reviewing my teaching demo of introductory JavaScript. I won’t post a link because it links to the university’s website, and I don’t want to be too invasive to the student’s privacy, but here is an excerpt:

“I will go so far as to say this seminar was the best one I have attended (and I’ve attended nearly all of them). Her presentation and style was fantastic; she was enthusiastic, funny, and presented with great clarity.” -Ryan ’15


He even posted some pictures of my talk. Overall, it was great to get some positive feedback, as the process of interviewing can get pretty grueling at times.

In the midst of all of this, I would like to take a moment to thank my bosses at Penn State — Heng Xu, Jack Carroll, and Mary Beth Rosson.  Heng initally hired me for this position, and without her giving me this opportunity, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Jack and Mary Beth have also been great supervisors and mentors, supporting me through advisement, friendship, and job references. And, I also don’t want to forget Heather Lipford and David Wilson, my dissertation advisors, who are still big advocates for me in my job search. My cup is brimming over with gratitude as I prepare myself for the new adventures ahead.

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