Pamela Wisniewski

Some Exciting News on the Home Front

And Baby Makes Three

So, I usually don’t post much personal news out here, but this is particularly newsworthy . . . Mike and I are expecting our baby to make an appearance sometime in the next two weeks!!  Overall, this pregnancy has been pretty rough with all-day-sickness the first trimester and being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes during the third trimester, but we are very thankful and feel blessed to have this new addition to our family.  And, all-in-all, I feel like that this has still been a very productive work year for me with quite a few new publications, job interviews, and even a few job offers. The big adventure is going to be being on the tenure-track job market this year with a newborn . . . I am confident that we will be able to pull this off, and 2015 will be filled with tons of new opportunities and excitement!

Here are some maternity pictures courtesy of Amber Roy Photography. Once Eva gets here, I’ll share some pictures of her cuteness.


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