Pamela Wisniewski

Attending SOUPS

Attending SOUPS 2014

Tomorrow, I will be flying to Menlo Park, CA to attend the Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security at Facebook’s corporate headquarters. I will be presenting our work on Profiling Facebook Users’ Privacy Behaviors at the Workshop on Privacy Personas and Segmentation (PPS) hosted by Allesandro Acquisti (Carnegie Mellon University), Anthony Morton (University College London), Norman Sadeh (Carnegie Mellon University), and Allison Woodruff (Google ).

This particular work, which came from data I originally collected as part of my dissertation, illustrates how different Facebook users employ different privacy management strategies. Check out the 6 classes of Facebook users we identified based on their privacy behaviors below:


Cooler yet, click here to view an interactive web page that compares the 6 different privacy behavior profiles across Facebook users.

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