Pamela Wisniewski

CHI 2015 Paper Accepted!

CHI 2015 Paper Accepted!

Resilience Mitigates the Negative Effects of Adolescent Internet Addiction and Online Risk Exposure

Authors: Wisniewski, P., Jia, H., Wang, N., Xu, H., Rosson, M.B., and Carroll, J.M.

Abstract: We cannot fully protect adolescents from experiencing online risks; however, we can aim to better understand how online risk experiences impact teens, factors that contribute to or prevent teens from exposure to risk, as well as factors that can protect teens from psychological harm in spite of online risk exposure. Through a web-based survey study of 75 adolescents in the US, we develop and empirically validate a theoretical model of adolescent resilience in the presence of online risks. We show evidence that resilience is a key factor in protecting teens from experiencing online risks, even when teens exhibit high levels of Internet addiction. Resilience also neutralizes the negative psychological effects associated with Internet addiction and online risk exposure. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of design solutions that foster teen resilience and strength building, as opposed to solutions targeted toward parents that often focus on restriction and risk prevention.


Figure 1: Online Risk Exposure partially mediates the relationship between Internet Addiction and Negative Affect


Figure 2: Resilience moderates the effects of Internet Addiction and Online Risk Exposure

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